We Won’t Get Fooled Again – Part II

This is the second part of a four part post on what I consider to be the ultimate rip-off of the American people.  What am I referring to?

Your vote doesn’t count.  It’s as simple as that.

We tell our kids and those who stay away from the political process, “You can’t complain if you don’t vote.”

Then they vote for a candidate that is in their minds the lesser of two evils because they had no say in who those two were.

Let’s start out by looking at the how you are being ripped off on the Republican side first.  We currently have Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich as the candidates left in the race for the Republican nomination.

John Kasich

John has won only one state in the Republican Party Presidential Campaign- his own state of Ohio, yet he and his supporters see him as the dark horse who will come in and save the Republican Party from the evil Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.  In order to do so, he would have to subvert the will of millions of voters who voted for those two candidates.

John get buried in confetti

True Story: John didn’t feel that when he had won a previous election that there was enough confetti. They fixed that problem. I watched this live and I thought they would have to send in dogs afterwards to find him and his family.

Ted Cruz

Ted has become the master at winning delegates by means of “using the rules to his advantage”.  He won all of the delegates for Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota.  But here’s the catch: there was no election.  Instead, the Republican political elite of these states did so on your behest, behind closed doors in so called conventions.  Ask the registered republicans of these states how they like this process.


Life long registered Republican burning his registration credentials.


The fix was in. Here is the actual tweet from the Colorado party after the convention where Ted Cruz received all of the Colorado delegates.

The fix was in. Here is the actual tweet from the Colorado Republican Party after the Colorado convention where Ted Cruz received all of the Colorado delegates.

As if it couldn’t get anymore underhanded, delegates from Louisiana, Georgia, and Missouri were taken from Trump and given to Cruz even though Trump won the primaries!

Colorado Republicans demonstrating

Coloradans demonstrating their displeasure at having their vote taken away from them.

Now let’s just think for a moment how this looks, not for Cruz, but for you and me the voters in this country.  If Cruz was to somehow wrangle a nomination out of Cleveland in July at the Republican National Convention, how excited are you to now go out and vote for him?  This would doom the Republican party and its future as a viable alternative to the Democrats.

Donald Trump

Finally, Donald Trump, the golfer who is winning the tournament, but who the clubhouse members do not want to have to induct as a new member.  He is literally the “Happy Gilmore” of politics.

Happy Gilmore fights Bob Barker.

Happy Gilmore gets ko’d by Bob Barker in the movie Happy Gilmore.

Cursing and fighting on the course, not observing protocol and yet drawing large crowds to the tournaments and re-igniting the interest and imagination of golf fans in the game of politics (I mean golf).

Trump in one of his more light-hearted moods after finding out that Ted yanked some delegates out from under him.

Trump in one of his more light-hearted moments after finding out that Ted yanked some delegates out from under him.

Donald reminds me of the new chicken farmer who always sees the fox leaving the chicken coop with the chicken, but somehow is unable to catch the fox as he is entering the chicken coop.  C’mon, you keep talking about how you know how these guys work the system, why are you not able to stop them from “working” you.

But this is no fool- Trump has very skillfully turned this into an issue which is getting him new traction in a campaign that had stalled.  The New York “meet and greet” he performed on Cruz in New York, where he kept reminding New York voters how Ted had pandered to voters in Iowa, bringing up “New York Values” as if New Yorkers had no values was brilliant.  Added to this, was Trump reminding the voters how all the delegates won by Trump were earned by getting real votes was the knockout punch and left Cruz with not one delegate from New York.

In the next part of this post segment, I’ll focus on the Democrats who are by no means innocent in their abuse of the American voter and in fact are more blatant in their disenfranchisement.



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