We Won’t Get Fooled Again – Part I

Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s there were quite a few protest songs being done by folk and rock artists.  One of these was the song, We Won’t Get Fool Again by the Who.  Near the end of the song after a great instrumental, Roger Daltrey makes his iconic scream and then finishes the song with the lyrics,

“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!”


Roger Daltrey of the Who singing the song We Won’t Get Fooled Again to the American Congress in October of 2013, who ironically are the ones who are fooling us again and again and again…

If you were to dig deeper into that period of time in American history, what you would find is a deep discontent for the ruling class- those that are at the top of the Republican and Democratic Parties.  After all, it is no accident that only established party members are selected for the higher offices in our federal government.

That’s right, I said selected.  This is because what is not well understood is that in our country our vote represents an indirect endorsement of a candidate for the president of the United States.  This means that you are actually voting for a delegate who in turn represents your votes and others who have voted for that same candidate.  In the general election, delegates are bound by law to vote for the candidate that they have been pledged to.  In the political party nomination process- not so much.

The process of nominating a candidate for office of the President of the United States is as undemocratic as it can be and is a perfect example of what is terribly wrong in our political system in this country (by the way, though this post and those following focus on the presidential election, the process for U.S. Senate and House of Representatives is even worse).

The next three posts will go into detail why we Americans may live in one of the least democratic democracies in the world.  Now you may try to take comfort in the tried and true argument that, “This is a republic, not a democracy,” as if that makes not having your say via the voting box OK, but the extent at which the beguilement is perpetrated against the american voter is truly astonishing.

So that is my premise; that we as american voters are presented with a choice of two candidates to elect to the highest office in the land and arguably the world and yet we had very little say in who those two are.  You- yes you the american voter are being punk’d (please see my previous post on the Colorado fiasco).  Please stay tuned as I present my argument as to why this country may be in deep poopah (technical term for trouble).


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