Colorado You Been Punk’d

When a pickpocket wants to lift your wallet, he doesn’t just walk up to you and say, “Hey, give me your wallet ’cause I want your money.”  Neither do politicians tell you to your face that they don’t want you to have a say in who gets elected.  Sounds like a reasonable premise doesn’t it?

Case in point: in August of 2015, the Colorado GOP executive committee voted to cancel voter participation in the nomination process for a Republican candidate.  In other words Colorado voters, you been punk’d.

Right now you may be saying, “Wait I have only read two short paragraphs of this post and already my head is spinning.”

Let me explain. Colorado did NOT hold a Republican primary or a caucus where Colorado voters could cast a ballot for the candidate of their choice.  Instead, they held a closed door convention, where delegates of unknown credentials selected the candidate of their choice for the state of Colorado.  Bottom line: Colorado voters never got a chance to voice through their vote who they wanted as the Republican presidential candidate.

And so now you ask how did all that turn out?

Bad, real bad for Trump and Kasich.  All of the delegates went to Cruz (34 delegates) and you Colorado had no say in the outcome.

When did all of this take place?

This last weekend, eight months after the announcement of the cancellation of the Colorado Caucus.  Long enough removed for most voters that it is certainly reasonable to believe that the average Coloradan was unaware that their vote had been taken away from them.

Remember my premise at the beginning of this post?  The Colorado “GOP executive committee” as they are apparently called, took it upon themselves to award delegates to Cruz, bypassing the Colorado people and the democratic principles that are the foundation of this country.  They picked the pocket of every voter who intended to participate in the nomination process in Colorado, and in doing so disenfranchised the Colorado voter.

When a pickpocket is caught, they are charged with thievery.  Their defense is that they are hungry or they don’t have a real job so they have to resort to such a pathetic criminal act.  How far off am I in my analogy when describing what just happened in Colorado?

For every maneuver, every slight of hand and every offense perpetrated by politicians, there is a defense that goes like this: “The rules plainly state…” or “It has been this way since 1820…” or “the delegate is not bound to the candidate that they were pledged to when the voter…” and so on.

And who is writing the rules?  The politicians.  The politicians who feel they know better what is good for you and the country, but the stark truth is they are motivated to do what is good for them- even if they know they are picking your pocket.


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