Mr. Obama, it’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I am probably biased, but I just have such a hard time with President Obama’s tone deaf approach to the whole radical islamic terrorist thing.  Every time there is a beheading of an American journalist, a burning of a Jordanian pilot, the gunning down of people at restaurants, concerts, airports, train stations and on and on, he seems to take on this attitude that his yoga time has been interrupted by another one of those pesky terrorist attacks.  Sorry President Obama, thought you might want to know about the poor Christians marched out onto a Libyan beach and beheaded.  Didn’t mean to wake you up from your afternoon nap but we got ourselves a “sit-cheation” out in California where a couple of (cringe, here we go…) Islamic Terrorists gunned down some Americans in San Bernardino.

More curious is his response to these, as he must see it, programming interruptions.  When James Foley was beheaded, he made a quickly cobbled together statement and then jumped into his Tiger Woods attire and headed out to the golf course determined that he not lose his tee time.  After the Paris attacks, he sent James Taylor over to France to have him sing love songs to the Parisians.  The latest and maybe the most egregious snub was Obama and his new BFF, Raul Castro doing the wave at a baseball game in Cuba and then to drive home his “if I can’t see you, you can’t see me” attitude, he follows it up with some Tango-dancing in Argentina, all while the Belgians were mopping up blood and body parts in Brussels.

Obama does the wave

Notice that Raul on the far right is having to take pointers on how to do the wave from the pro Obama.

Obama does the Tango

Obama getting some practice in for his big run at Dancing With The Stars once this boring president thing is over. I thought that when you do the Tango, you are supposed to always be looking in the same direction as your partner?

I don’t get it.  Could somebody, anybody come to Obama’s defense and explain to me his odd, detached response after one of these massacres?  He acts as if one of the kids has brought home another bad report card.  But wait, just when you think you got it figured out that in Mr. Obama’s neighborhood, tragedy and mass murders must be met with song, dance and games, he trades the top five bad hombres from Guantanamo for the one American soldier who decides to take a hike and go party with the Taliban.

Bergdahl with Party Hat

Private Bowe Bergdahl eating Cheerios and chillin’ with his Taliban homies. Checkout the pen in his pocket: ready to exchange notes with his captors since they had a language “thang”.

Once Bowe Bergdahl is freed and sent to Germany for some “debriefing”, Obama throws a BBQ and then presents the Bergdahl family to the press and the world in what will become one of the most famously awkward moments in the history of the White House. Obama appears a little too “cozy” with Bergdahl’s Mother, while the Dad is obviously suffering from Stockholm Syndrome even though it was his son who was the captive.  When it is Dad’s turn to speak, he does so, speaking to his son in Pashtun because he explains that his son will have to “re-learn” English (side note: I don’t remember John McCain having this problem), while we all watch uncomfortably as Obama appears to be giving Mom a “lower back” rub.

Rose Garden Threesome One

A very friendly threesome

A very friendly threesome

So what are we to make out of all this.  Time for me to put on my pretty red party hat and take a shot at it.  Obama doesn’t get it.  That’s right, you heard it here first.  Life experience teaches us not only how to handle success, but how to deal with the finer elements of life such as your adversaries and even how to identify your enemies.  You learn who is on your side and who wants to put a knife in your back.  You learn how to empathize and support your friends, family and even your country men and women.  Their tragedy is your tragedy.  Their anger is your anger.  When they are hurting, you are hurting.  This character trait is missing in President Obama.

President Obama: the fork goes on the left side of the plate and you don’t go play golf on the day that one of your country men is beheaded.  Just like you open the door for your wife, you put away your baseball glove and dancing shoes and go see if you can help out your friends and fellow country men who have been maimed and killed in a barbaric slaughter at an airport and train station.  It is not because it is your job, it is because it is the right thing to do.

I keep hearing lame excuses as to why the non-response response is issued from the White House when one of these events occur.  “We don’t want to give in to the terrorists.  We won’t allow them to change how we live.”

Here is a litmus test for you to consider: “Would you go play a round of golf after you found out that one of your children was executed?”

“Would go out and do the Tango if your wife was missing after a bomb went off in an airport where she was at?”

I am going to borrow one of Bill O’Reilly’s overworked cliches: “I am a simple man, so I am going to keep it simple”: when I hear that you are just being insensitive or that you are a bit callous what I want to say is this: bullshit.

You sir, are being disrespectful to the families of the victims, to this country and to any of our friends in the world who look to you and this country for leadership and to you as an example.

My Dad said to me as I was headed out the door into adulthood, “Make me proud that you are my son.”

President Obama, make us proud that you are our President.


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