Good Trump, Bad Trump

I found the whole thing with Mitt Romney denouncing Donald Trump and then actively opposing his candidacy amusing.  Bear in mind that Mitt Romney heaped praise upon Trump back in 2012 when the “Donald” endorsed Romney’s presidential candidacy against Barak Obama in 2012 (see Donald-Trump-Mitt-Romney-2012 and other similar links).  Donald sure has changed in the last four years hasn’t he?

Apparently Mitt Romney was late for practice on the day the coach gave the “We have each other’s back speech”.  Certainly when Mitt was in Boy Scout’s he wasn’t shy about asking for help in tying his shoes, but when asked for help by one of his fellow scout’s he tied the shoe laces of both shoes together.  Mitt, there is a concept called loyalty, where you stand by your teammates when they are taking fire.  You are doing the opposite.  You are the one doing the shooting.

Somehow Mitt Romney wants us to believe that there are two Donald Trumps.  The good Donald Trump who four years ago had never made disparaging remarks about women that he didn’t like and the bad Donald Trump who crosses the line with every childish tweet that he makes.  The good Donald Trump who endorsed Mitt Romney during his bid to unseat a failed president and the bad Donald Trump who skewered Mitt for his failure to to win a presidential election when the ball was teed up for him in the women’s tee box (oh, sorry I take back the women’s tee box reference).  I think you get my point, though.

Here is what makes this so amusing.  Mitt Romney now thinks that he is the one who is the dragon slayer.  Through the exercise of his largesse of credibility and by the wielding of his “massive” political influence, he in a delusional image of self-grandeur, believes that he can save the Republican party from the apostate Donald Trump.

Mitt, sit down and prepare yourself for some bad news ’cause “cuz” this is going to hurt: you suck.  Your two failed presidential bids made you irrelevant.  When you and Jeb Bush “rendez-vous’d” in Park City, Utah in January 2015, (see Bush-Romney-Utah-Meeting) little did either of you know that you had both already lost the bid for the presidency before you had even announced.  So consumed with your own narcissistic images of importance that you two forgot to check with the American people on whether they held the same opinion of you that you hold for yourselves.

Bush and Romney Together

By the way, am I the only one who feels a bit creeped out by this picture? There has to be more than just those two seats on such a big plane.

Back to the “Mitt, your fired story”-  So Mitt and Jeb meet in Park City, sit around a stone fireplace sipping on Eggnog and eating S’mores unaware that for the most part, Americans don’t give a damn who wins their rock-papers-scissors contest for nomination bragging rights because neither one of them are getting invited to the party.

Think of it, two grown men who at one time thought that it was up to them to decide which one of them would be the Republican presidential nominee.  And it may have been, if not for one Donald J. Trump spiking the Mormon jello with cat turds (let’s play wheel of fortune and try to decide what the ‘J’ stands for).  No longer the good Donald Trump who gives money to politicians in both parties and who “get’s along with everybody”, it is now the bad Donald Trump who has taken on the position that everything and everyone is a “disaster”.  He is a tweeting machine that is known to throw bombs your way at two in the morning when you are asleep and then suck up to you in a debate.  With Donald Trump participating, debates became more like a hockey game where there is always a fight and every once in a while a hockey game will break out.  There are no rules dammit, lets trash each other’s wives, someone’s looks, hand-size, penis-size correlation, sprayed on tans, hair, a person’s height, weight and then every once in a while let’s throw in an agreement or maybe even approve of one of your competitor’s stance on an issue.  This guy is a pro at playing the game among amateurs.  As much as they want to be him, they just can’t.  When somebody tries to be “like Trump” they careen wildly off the political trail and end up in the political scrap heap.  Ask Marco Rubio if he could take back his “small hands” comment and I am sure he would.  He was baited, trapped and then humiliated by Trump who served up a beatdown in Rubio’s home state.

Trump reminds me of the new pro-wrestler who when entering the ring for the first time asked what the rules were.  When told that there were no rules, but don’t hurt anybody, he never heard anything after the “but”.  Nobody should blame Trump though, the game of political mud-wrestling has been going on well before him, it is just such a shock to watch him so easily destroy his competition at their own “Game of Thrones”.

Donald Trump is a political wrecking ball, smashing once promising political careers of Marco “I can’t wait to grow my first moustache” Rubio, to “Sleepy” Scott Walker and “Low Energy” Jeb Bush.  Donald is the Rhonda Rousey of the political MMA arena, but we have all seen this before.  Sooner or later, whether it is done by a tag team throw-down (this is now the new strategy that the Republican establishment is trying) or worse he gets chopped in the groin by Hillary “Don’t call me Bill” Clinton.  We know its coming folks and when it does it will be ugly.

So one last thought on the subject.  I heard this a long time ago, but I need to clean it up a tad for public consumption.  A man comes into a bar with a very small, grumpy midget sitting on his shoulder.  He orders a round of beers for everybody at the bar, but no sooner has the bartender set up the beers than the midget jumps off his shoulder runs up and down the bar kicking over all of the beers.  When he is done he jumps back on the man’s shoulder with his arms folded and a defiant look on his face.  The man apologizes profusely and then flashing a wad of cash, orders another round.  The midget repeats his performance being even more rude than he was the first time around.  The man is about to try again with an apology and another round, but now the bartender has had enough and wants an explanation.

Republicans, you need to listen closely to the moral of the story:

“What’s with the little guy on your shoulder?” asked the bartender.

“Well, a while ago I found a jeanie bottle on the beach and sure enough I rubbed it and out popped a jeanie.  He told me I had three wishes for setting him free so I asked for a beautiful wife and he gave me one.  Sure enough she is home now.  My second wish was for an endless roll of cash.  Well you have certainly seen that.  And the third was for a ten-inch pri…” as he points to the midget on his shoulder.

Republicans you got your third wish.  Live with it because there won’t be a fourth.


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